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The most popular wallets for women. Check them out below.


The most popular wallets for men. Check them out below.

You can shop leather wallets at BEARLifestyle.nl

Are you looking for a leather wallet? Then you have come to the right place at BEARLifestyle.nl. We are the only (online) store to offer the complete collection of Bear, formerly Bear Design. Bear is a Dutch brand that offers leather bags, wallets and accessories. All products are produced in a sustainable manner in India and are made of strong and good leather that will last for years.

We understand very well that ladies sometimes have different needs when it comes to wallets than men. Fortunately, there is plenty of choice in different models, sizes and colors. Something for everyone.

Also, almost all Bear wallets contain RFID protection . This means that your cards are protected against unwanted scanning of your online personal data for theft, otherwise known as skimming. In this way, thieves can, for example, anonymously withdraw money from your account and of course you don't want that. Therefore, choose a wallet that is RFID protected.

Card holders
Nowadays it is increasingly normal to only take cards with you and our card holders are ideal for that. From a simple model with a plastic card folder to a modern sliding system for easy access.

Wrap wallets
Undoubtedly the favorite model of many women. The classic wrap-over wallets are always in high demand due to their practical and spacious layouts. This type of wallet has a flap that falls over the opening of the wallet, making it easy to quickly access your belongings while still keeping them safely stored.

Zipper wallets
If you want to go for a safe wallet, then a zipper wallet is a good option. The main difference between this model and other wallets is that it has a zipper to keep the contents safe. This ensures that your cards, money and other valuables are well protected against loss and theft.

Undoubtedly the favorite model of many men. A billfold is a wallet with a double fold, which makes it unfold into a longer and narrower wallet. It is a timeless accessory that is popular because of the many compartments and pockets to store your money, cards and other items.

Key cases
Don't you need a big wallet? Bear key cases offer space for one or more bunches of keys, cards, ransom or other small items. A key case often only has one compartment, so you have your belongings quickly at hand and can see at a glance what's inside.

Underwire wallets
In addition to modern card holders, we also have beautiful, classic bracket wallets . They have a retro look and are good for some ransom, stamps or a key. These wallets take you back in time and will probably give you a lot of nostalgia.

Bag with it?
Of course, every wallet comes with a bag to take with you to the fair. The best part, of course, is that the bag matches your wallet. Fortunately, we have plenty of choice. We advise you to go for the same type of leather so that it matches each other. This way you can go out in style.