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Water-repellent backpack 'Milwaukee' 2.0 pink
Water-repellent backpack 'Milwaukee' 2.0 bordeauxWater-repellent backpack 'Milwaukee' 2.0 bordeaux
Water-repellent backpack 'Milwaukee' 2.0 anthracite
Water-repellent backpack 'Milwaukee' 2.0 black
Water-repellent backpack 'Milwaukee' 2.0 beige
Rugzak 'Rob' roodRugzak 'Rob' rood
Bear Design
Rugzak 'Rob' rood Sale price€159,99
Water-repellent backpack 'Mart' mini 9L lilacWater-repellent backpack 'Mart' mini 9L lilac
Waterproof backpack 'Mart' lilac 16LWaterproof backpack 'Mart' lilac 16L
Crosslite Backpack/Boarding Bag dark oliveCrosslite Backpack/Boarding Bag dark olive
Crosslite Backpack/Boarding Bag natureCrosslite Backpack/Boarding Bag nature
Crosslite Backpack/Boarding Bag blackCrosslite Backpack/Boarding Bag black
Waterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L metallic sage greenWaterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L metallic sage green
Waterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L metallic blueWaterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L metallic blue
Waterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L metallic goldWaterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L metallic gold
Waterproof backpack 'Mart' 16L metallic sage greenWaterproof backpack 'Mart' 16L metallic sage green
Sold out
Waterproof backpack 'Mart' 16L metallic blueWaterproof backpack 'Mart' 16L metallic blue
Waterproof backpack 'Mart' 16L metallic goldWaterproof backpack 'Mart' 16L metallic gold
Backpack 'Jurian' cognacBackpack 'Jurian' cognac
Backpack 'Jurian' blackBackpack 'Jurian' black
Backpack 'Evelyn' Silver minkBackpack 'Evelyn' Silver mink
Backpack 'Evelyn' PeacoatBackpack 'Evelyn' Peacoat
Backpack 'Evelyn' Peacoat Sale price€134,99
Backpack 'Evelyn' Forest NightBackpack 'Evelyn' Forest Night
Backpack 'Evelyn' BlackBackpack 'Evelyn' Black
Backpack 'Evelyn' Black Sale price€134,99
Waterproof backpack 'Baldwin' 32L pinkWaterproof backpack 'Baldwin' 32L pink

Backpacks are ideal if you want to have your hands free and don't want to have to deal with a bag that falls off your shoulder. BEARLifestyle.nl has a wide range of leather backpacks. Would you prefer a simple backpack , laptop backpack , waterproof backpack , small backpack or one of our other models?

A backpack is better for your back, as you can distribute the weight between the two handles. You can also wear the backpack over one shoulder, just like other bags. Bear has even designed a number of models where you can choose how you want to wear the bag: as a shoulder bag or backpack. Ideal if you are looking for a multifunctional bag .

With a backpack you have to be careful that it closes properly. Because you carry the bag on your back, you don't always have a view of it. Bear is aware of this! All backpacks are designed so that your belongings can be transported as safely as possible. The bags often have hidden zipper pockets and double closures.

Did you know that with our care products you can enjoy your Bear product for longer? Click here to view our care products.