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Keuzehulp bij portemonneetasjes

Selection aid for purse bags

The wallet bag is the ideal mix between a small shoulder bag and a wallet. We are happy to help you find the perfect wallet bag. Are you going for our classic 'Umi' or 'Uma'?

Onze collectie koffers in Apeldoorn & Utrecht

Our collection of suitcases in Apeldoorn & Utrecht

Looking for a good quality suitcase? Then you have come to the right place at our stores in Apeldoorn and Utrecht. Read more about which brands and suitcases we sell...

Ontdek alle Bear collecties

Discover all Bear collections

Cow-Lavato, Callisto-Pelle, Dark Nature; what's what? In this blog we explain exactly what characterizes each collection and what the differences are. This is how you become a real Bear pro!

Hoe kort je een riem in?

How do you shorten a belt?

The leather belts of are adjustable in size. So you can adjust it exactly to your perfect belt size. Read on to learn how to do this...

Wat betekent RFID-bescherming?

What does RFID protection mean?

You probably see the word 'RFID protection' passing by when you are looking for a wallet. But what exactly does this mean?