About BEARLifestyle.nl

The beginning of BEARLifestyle.nl

Cas Beernink started BEARLifestyle.nl in 2015. BEARLifestyle.nl is the only (web)shop to offer the complete Bear collection, formerly Bear Design. Bear is a Dutch product that has been owned by the Beernink family for 30 years. Cas thus continues the family business. In recent years, the range has been expanded with many other brands and products. At BEARLifestyle.nl you will not only find beautiful bags and wallets of good quality, but also personal service without craziness. At BEARLifestyle.nl you will always find the product that suits you.

The story behind the Bear products

Bear's bags and wallets are made of strong and good leather and therefore last for years. The leather comes from India. The cows live outside all year round and live more or less in the wild. The products are sustainable and are produced with respect for people and the environment. That is a conscious choice. That is why Bear works with the same factories in India for years. All makers and makers receive a fair salary and the leather is processed as environmentally friendly as possible.