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Doctor's bag 'Julia' L blackDoctor's bag 'Julia' L black
Doctor's bag 'Julia' L sandDoctor's bag 'Julia' L sand
Doctor's bag 'Julia' L cognacDoctor's bag 'Julia' L cognac
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Mini doctor's bag 'Julia' M yellowMini doctor's bag 'Julia' M yellow
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Mini doctor's bag 'Julia' M redMini doctor's bag 'Julia' M red
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Mini doctor's bag 'Julia' M greenMini doctor's bag 'Julia' M green
Mini doctor's bag 'Julia' M dark blueMini doctor's bag 'Julia' M dark blue
Hand-/schoudertasje 'Naomi' CamelHand-/schoudertasje 'Naomi' Camel
Hand-/schoudertasje 'Naomi' BrownHand-/schoudertasje 'Naomi' Brown
Hand-/schoudertasje 'Naomi' BlackHand-/schoudertasje 'Naomi' Black
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Mini doctor's bag 'Julia' M blackMini doctor's bag 'Julia' M black
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Mini doctor's bag 'Julia' M cognacMini doctor's bag 'Julia' M cognac
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Braided hand/shoulder bag 'Nolita' black - MJ 1521Braided hand/shoulder bag 'Nolita' black - MJ 1521
Hand/shoulder bag 'Nolita' cognac - MJ 1521Hand/shoulder bag 'Nolita' cognac - MJ 1521
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Hand/shoulder bag 'Nolita' black - MJ 1521Hand/shoulder bag 'Nolita' black - MJ 1521
Shoulder bag 'Cil' black - CP 2339Shoulder bag 'Cil' black - CP 2339
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Shoulder bag 'Cil' cognac - CP 2339Shoulder bag 'Cil' cognac - CP 2339
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Wrist bag 'Jorik' black - B 5495Wrist bag 'Jorik' black - B 5495
Hand/shoulder bag 'Rita' cognac - CP 1201Hand/shoulder bag 'Rita' cognac - CP 1201
Hand/shoulder bag 'Rita' black - CP 1201Hand/shoulder bag 'Rita' black - CP 1201
Handbag/shoulder bag 'Rita' taupe - CP 1201Handbag/shoulder bag 'Rita' taupe - CP 1201
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Wrist bag 'Jorik' brown - HD 5495Wrist bag 'Jorik' brown - HD 5495
Hand/shoulder bag 'Petra' slate - CP 1792Hand/shoulder bag 'Petra' slate - CP 1792


A handbag is an indispensable accessory for women of all ages. It not only provides the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, but is also a practical accessory in which you can carry your daily essentials. Moreover, has a wide range of handbags, so you can always find a handbag that suits you.

Small handbags are perfect for women who don't need much, but only want to carry the bare essentials such as keys, mobile phone and wallet. Wear these bags as a clutch, in one hand or easily over a shoulder.

Leather handbags are not only durable, but also timeless. They last for years and only get more beautiful over time. This makes them a valuable investment for any woman.

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