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Waterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L pink/beigeWaterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L pink/beige
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Waterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L sage green/beigeWaterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L sage green/beige
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Waterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L taupe/beigeWaterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L taupe/beige
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Waterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L purpleWaterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L purple
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Waterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L light gray/reflectiveWaterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L light gray/reflective
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Waterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L sage greenWaterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L sage green
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Waterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L purple/reflectiveWaterproof backpack 'Mart' mini 9L purple/reflective
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Waterdicht rugzakje 'Mart' mini 9L mintWaterdicht rugzakje 'Mart' mini 9L mint
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Waterdicht rugzakje 'Mart' mini 9L geelWaterdicht rugzakje 'Mart' mini 9L geel
Backpack 'Lyra' navy - CP 2186Backpack 'Lyra' navy - CP 2186
Backpack 'Hannie' yellow ocher - CL 36137Backpack 'Hannie' yellow ocher - CL 36137
Backpack 'Hannie' dark blue - CL 36137Backpack 'Hannie' dark blue - CL 36137
Backpack 'Hannie' red - CL 36137Backpack 'Hannie' red - CL 36137
Backpack 'Iris' cognac - CL 32852Backpack 'Iris' cognac - CL 32852
Backpack 'Iris' black - CL 32852Backpack 'Iris' black - CL 32852
Backpack 'Joy' olive green - CL 36413Backpack 'Joy' olive green - CL 36413
Backpack 'Hannie' black - CL 36137Backpack 'Hannie' black - CL 36137
Backpack 'Hannie' dark brown - CL 36137Backpack 'Hannie' dark brown - CL 36137
Backpack 'Hannie' CL 36137 CognacBackpack 'Hannie' CL 36137 Cognac
Backpack 'Hannie' green - CL 36137Backpack 'Hannie' green - CL 36137
Backpack 'Rose' dark blue - B 6395Backpack 'Rose' dark blue - B 6395
Backpack 'Hannie' black - B 5555Backpack 'Hannie' black - B 5555
Backpack 'Barbel' brown - HD 6282Backpack 'Barbel' brown - HD 6282

Small, leather backpacks are ideal for people who only want to take the essentials with them. Whether you go shopping, hiking or a day out, with a small backpack you have everything at hand, but you don't have to worry about it. also has waterproof backpacks, so that you can safely take your belongings with you through wind and weather.

A backpack is better for your back, since you can distribute the weight through the two handles. The backpack, like other bags, can also be worn over one shoulder. Bear has even designed a number of models, where you can choose how you want to carry the bag: as a shoulder bag or backpack. Ideal if you are looking for a multifunctional bag.

With a backpack you have to make sure that it closes properly. Because you carry the bag on your back, you don't always have a view of it. Bear is aware of this! All backpacks are designed in such a way that your belongings can be transported as safely as possible. The bags often have hidden zip pockets and double closures.

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