Women's crossbody bags


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Wallet bag 'Umi' mint (2)Wallet bag 'Umi' mint (2)
Bear Design
Wallet bag 'Umi' mint (2) Sale price$49.00 Regular price$66.00
Shoulder bag 'Vieve' sandShoulder bag 'Vieve' sand
Save 27%
Purse bag 'Umi' navy - CL 36799Purse bag 'Umi' navy - CL 36799
Bear Design
Purse bag 'Umi' navy - CL 36799 Sale price$60.00 Regular price$82.00
Save 30%
Shoulder bag 'Maithe' navy - CL 41703Shoulder bag 'Maithe' navy - CL 41703
Bear Design
Shoulder bag 'Maithe' navy - CL 41703 Sale price$69.00 Regular price$98.00
Phone bag 'Zoey' bianco/crocoPhone bag 'Zoey' bianco/croco
Phone bag 'Zoey' taupe/crocoPhone bag 'Zoey' taupe/croco
Phone bag 'Zoey' green/crocoPhone bag 'Zoey' green/croco
Phone bag 'Zoey' black/crocoPhone bag 'Zoey' black/croco
Phone bag 'Zoey' brick/crocoPhone bag 'Zoey' brick/croco
Crossbody/shoulder bag 'Mitchell' cognacCrossbody/shoulder bag 'Mitchell' cognac
Shoulder bag 'Vieve' yellowShoulder bag 'Vieve' yellow
Shoulder bag 'Vieve' redShoulder bag 'Vieve' red
Shoulder bag 'Vieve' greenShoulder bag 'Vieve' green
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Shoulder bag 'Vieve' cognacShoulder bag 'Vieve' cognac
Shoulder bag 'Vieve' brownShoulder bag 'Vieve' brown
Shoulder bag 'Vieve' blueShoulder bag 'Vieve' blue
Shoulder bag 'Vieve' blackShoulder bag 'Vieve' black
Crossbody/shoulder bag 'Noah' cognacCrossbody/shoulder bag 'Noah' cognac
Cadeaubon (Digitaal)
Shoulder bag 'Ray' redShoulder bag 'Ray' red
Schoudertasje 'Rosea' SkyblueSchoudertasje 'Rosea' Skyblue
Schoudertasje 'Rosea' CamelSchoudertasje 'Rosea' Camel
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Schoudertasje 'Rosea' BrownSchoudertasje 'Rosea' Brown


The perfect combination of style and functionality. Crossbody bags are worn over one shoulder and diagonally across the body, front or back. This way you can carry your belongings safely and close to you. One of the advantages of crossbody bags is that you have your hands free to do other things. They are therefore ideal for everyday use, such as while shopping, traveling or going to work.

Leather crossbody bags are not only durable, but also timeless. They last for years and only get more beautiful over time. This makes them a valuable investment for any woman.

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