Ladies laptop bags up to 15.6 inches


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Backpack 'Lincoln' old pink 17L
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Backpack 'Lincoln' taupe 17L
Backpack 'Lincoln' navy 17L
Backpack 'Lincoln' black 17L
Backpack 'Lincoln' old pink/silver 17LBackpack 'Lincoln' old pink/silver 17L
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Backpack 'Lincoln' old purple/beige 17LBackpack 'Lincoln' old purple/beige 17L
Backpack 'Lincoln' orange/beige 17LBackpack 'Lincoln' orange/beige 17L
Backpack 'Lincoln' black/beige 17LBackpack 'Lincoln' black/beige 17L
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Backpack 'Springfield' old pink/beigeBackpack 'Springfield' old pink/beige
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Backpack 'Springfield' taupe/beigeBackpack 'Springfield' taupe/beige
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Backpack 'Springfield' sage/beigeBackpack 'Springfield' sage/beige
Backpack 'Springfield' beigeBackpack 'Springfield' beige
Laptop backpack 'Jayden' L dark brownLaptop backpack 'Jayden' L dark brown
Backpack 'Springfield' black/greyBackpack 'Springfield' black/grey
Backpack 'Montgomery' taupe 15LBackpack 'Montgomery' taupe 15L
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Backpack 'Montgomery' old pink 15LBackpack 'Montgomery' old pink 15L
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Backpack 'Montgomery' navy 15LBackpack 'Montgomery' navy 15L
Backpack 'Montgomery' black 15LBackpack 'Montgomery' black 15L
Waterproof backpack 'Mart' black/grey 16LWaterproof backpack 'Mart' black/grey 16L
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Hand/shoulder bag 'Cow' brownHand/shoulder bag 'Cow' brown
Bear Design
Hand/shoulder bag 'Cow' brown Sale price$67.00 Regular price$133.00
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Backpack 'Montgomery' black/beige 15LBackpack 'Montgomery' black/beige 15L
Backpack 'Montgomery' old pink/grey 15LBackpack 'Montgomery' old pink/grey 15L
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Backpack 'Montgomery' old purple/beige 15LBackpack 'Montgomery' old purple/beige 15L
Backpack 'Montgomery' orange/beige 15LBackpack 'Montgomery' orange/beige 15L


Do you want to transport your valuable laptop safely, but in style? Bear laptop bags are fashionable and sturdy. Specially designed to easily transport your laptop (accessories). Whether you are looking for a classic briefcase or a cool laptop bag , has it all.

15.6 inches is one of the most common laptop sizes. At 15.6 inches, the height of the screen without bezel is 19.4 cm and the width is 34.5 cm. The diagonal dimension is 39.6 cm. When choosing a laptop bag, pay close attention to the size of your laptop and the size of the laptop bag, it must of course fit. Do you need help determining your laptop size in inches? Then click here for our size advice.

Leather laptop bags are not only durable, but also timeless. They last for years and only become more beautiful over time. This makes them a valuable investment for every woman.

Did you know that with our care products you can enjoy your Bear product for longer? Click here to view our care products.