What does RFID protection mean?

Wat betekent RFID-bescherming?

You probably see the word 'RFID protection' passing by when you are looking for a wallet. But what exactly does this mean?

The abbreviation 'RFID' stands for Radio-frequency identification. This is a technology that allows information to be stored in objects from a distance using a chip.

This chip allows you to pay contactless and travel with an OV chip card, for example. Super handy and easy of course, but unfortunately there are also dangers. For example, thieves can steal your personal data by scanning your public transport chip card, debit card or proof of identity, known as skimming. This way, for example, thieves can pay from your debit card or withdraw money from your account. It is then impossible to find out who the criminals are.

To prevent all this, (almost) all our wallets have RFID protection. This blocks the radio waves, which come from the RFID technique. As a result, criminals have no chance to steal your data or withdraw money from your account unnoticed.

So do you want to be able to store your cards safely and keep criminals at bay? Then we recommend a wallet with RFID protection. Fortunately, we have enough wallets with RFID protection. You shop them here .

Do you have any questions? Take Contact us, then we are happy to help you.

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