Travel bags without wheels


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Crosslite Rugzak/Boarding Bag dark oliveCrosslite Rugzak/Boarding Bag dark olive
Crosslite Backpack/Boarding Bag natureCrosslite Backpack/Boarding Bag nature
Crosslite Rugzak/Boarding Bag blackCrosslite Rugzak/Boarding Bag black
Kick Off Cabin backpack sage greenKick Off Cabin backpack sage green
Waterproof backpack 'Baldwin' 32L pinkWaterproof backpack 'Baldwin' 32L pink
Waterproof backpack 'Baldwin' 32L light greyWaterproof backpack 'Baldwin' 32L light grey
Waterproof backpack 'Baldwin' 32L dark blue
Waterproof backpack 'Baldwin' 32L black
Waterproof backpack 'Leander' 27L pink
Waterproof backpack 'Leander' 27L light grey
Waterproof backpack 'Leander' 27L dark blueWaterproof backpack 'Leander' 27L dark blue
Waterproof backpack 'Leander' 27L blackWaterproof backpack 'Leander' 27L black
Kick Off Duffle L sage greenKick Off Duffle L sage green
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Kick Off Duffle M sage greenKick Off Duffle M sage green
Kick Off Duffle S sage greenKick Off Duffle S sage green
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Kick Off Cabin backpack redKick Off Cabin backpack red
Prima Weekend bag blackPrima Weekend bag black
Prima Weekend bag olivePrima Weekend bag olive
Miigo Boarding Bag copperMiigo Boarding Bag copper
Miigo Boarding Bag greenMiigo Boarding Bag green
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Kick Off Duffle S roséKick Off Duffle S rosé
Kick Off Duffle S dark anthraciteKick Off Duffle S dark anthracite
Kick Off Duffle M dark anthraciteKick Off Duffle M dark anthracite
Kick Off Duffle M roséKick Off Duffle M rosé