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Hand/shoulder bag 'Tygo' cognac/stripeHand/shoulder bag 'Tygo' cognac/stripe
Hand/shoulder bag 'Tygo' brown/stripeHand/shoulder bag 'Tygo' brown/stripe
Hand/shoulder bag 'Tygo' black/stripeHand/shoulder bag 'Tygo' black/stripe
Shopper 'Juul' taupe - CP 2087Shopper 'Juul' taupe - CP 2087
Shopper 'Juul' slate - CP 2087Shopper 'Juul' slate - CP 2087
Shopper 'Juul' green - CP 2087Shopper 'Juul' green - CP 2087
Shopper 'Juul' cognac - CP 2087Shopper 'Juul' cognac - CP 2087
Shopper 'Juul' brick - CP 2087Shopper 'Juul' brick - CP 2087
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Shopper 'Alma' M black - CL 42171Shopper 'Alma' M black - CL 42171
Shopper 'Alma' M cognac - CL 42171Shopper 'Alma' M cognac - CL 42171
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Shopper 'Alma' L black - CL 42170Shopper 'Alma' L black - CL 42170
Bear Design
Shopper 'Alma' L black - CL 42170 Sale price$122.00 Regular price$173.00
Braided shopper 'Thea' burgundy - CL 43397Braided shopper 'Thea' burgundy - CL 43397
Braided shopper 'Thea' dark brown - CL 43397Braided shopper 'Thea' dark brown - CL 43397
Braided shopper 'Thea' cognac - CL 43397Braided shopper 'Thea' cognac - CL 43397
Braided shopper 'Thea' black - CL 43397Braided shopper 'Thea' black - CL 43397
Shopper 'Juul' navy - CP 2087Shopper 'Juul' navy - CP 2087
Hand/shoulder bag 'Becky' yellow - CP 1767Hand/shoulder bag 'Becky' yellow - CP 1767
Hand/shoulder bag 'Becky' black - CP 1767Hand/shoulder bag 'Becky' black - CP 1767
Hand/shoulder bag 'Becky' cognac - CP 1767Hand/shoulder bag 'Becky' cognac - CP 1767
Hand/shoulder bag 'Becky' taupe - CP 1767Hand/shoulder bag 'Becky' taupe - CP 1767
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Hand/shoulder bag 'Becky' green - CP 1767Hand/shoulder bag 'Becky' green - CP 1767
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Shopper 'Juul' Yellow - CP 2087Shopper 'Juul' Yellow - CP 2087
Hand/shoulder bag 'Lia' red - CL 35220Hand/shoulder bag 'Lia' red - CL 35220


Are you looking for a handy bag to transport your groceries or other items? Shoppers are roomy bags that are ideal for carrying a variety of items. Whether you're shopping, going to the beach or just out for the day, a shopper always comes in handy. Do you want to take a lot? Then go for a large shopper, so you'll never be short of space.

Leather shoppers are not only durable, but also timeless. They last for years and only get more beautiful over time. This makes them a valuable investment for any woman.

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