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Gevlochten portemonneetasje 'Uma' zwartGevlochten portemonneetasje 'Uma' zwart
Gevlochten portemonneetasje 'Uma' cognacGevlochten portemonneetasje 'Uma' cognac
Woven wallet bag 'Uma' beigeWoven wallet bag 'Uma' beige
Shoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 redShoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 red
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Shoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 ivoryShoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 ivory
Shoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 greenShoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 green
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Shoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 featherShoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 feather
Shoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 pinkShoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 pink
Shoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 limeShoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 lime
Wallet bag 'Uma' pinkWallet bag 'Uma' pink
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Wallet bag 'Uma' elemental blueWallet bag 'Uma' elemental blue
Wallet bag 'Uma' cognac - CL 30996Wallet bag 'Uma' cognac - CL 30996
Phone bag 'Priya' featherPhone bag 'Priya' feather
Shoulder bag 'Robbie' NavyShoulder bag 'Robbie' Navy
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Shoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 blackShoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 black
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Shoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 taupeShoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 taupe
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Shoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 cognacShoulder bag 'Robbie' 2.0 cognac
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Shoulder bag 'Robbie' cognac - CP 2184Shoulder bag 'Robbie' cognac - CP 2184
Phone bag 'Lilian' cognac - CP 6038Phone bag 'Lilian' cognac - CP 6038
Phone bag 'Ahana' brown - HD 2106Phone bag 'Ahana' brown - HD 2106
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Purse bag 'Uma' navy - CP 1119Purse bag 'Uma' navy - CP 1119
Purse bag 'Umi' red - CL 36799Purse bag 'Umi' red - CL 36799
Purse bag 'Umi' green - CL 36799Purse bag 'Umi' green - CL 36799


Developed out of love for the bag and designed for convenience. A wallet bag is a shoulder bag , wallet and clutch in one. What started years ago with one small bag has now grown into an extensive range of bags. Wallet bags 'Umi' and 'Uma' are the most popular of this bag model.

Leather wallet bags are not only durable, but also timeless. They last for years and only become more beautiful over time. This makes them a valuable investment for every woman.

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