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Hand/shoulder bag 'Lieke' green - CL 40085Hand/shoulder bag 'Lieke' green - CL 40085
Hand/shoulder bag 'Ava' blueHand/shoulder bag 'Ava' blue
Shoulder bag 'Vikas' black - CL 3701Shoulder bag 'Vikas' black - CL 3701
Shoulder bag 'Irem' cognac - CL 42298Shoulder bag 'Irem' cognac - CL 42298
Wallet bag 'Uma' cognac - CL 30996Wallet bag 'Uma' cognac - CL 30996
Envelope bag 'Femke' blackEnvelope bag 'Femke' black
Shoulder bag 'Davita' black - CL 42427Shoulder bag 'Davita' black - CL 42427
Backpack/shoulder bag 'Sandy' cognac - CL 40273Backpack/shoulder bag 'Sandy' cognac - CL 40273
Shoulder bag 'Billy' taupe - CP 2216Shoulder bag 'Billy' taupe - CP 2216
Shoulder bag 'Billy' taupe - CP 2216Shoulder bag 'Billy' taupe - CP 2216
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Backpack 'Sil' redBackpack 'Sil' red
Backpack 'Sil' blackBackpack 'Sil' black
Backpack 'Sil' yellowBackpack 'Sil' yellow
Backpack 'Sil' greenBackpack 'Sil' green
Backpack 'Sil' cognacBackpack 'Sil' cognac
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2nd chance: Shoulder bag 'Rai' dove2nd chance: Shoulder bag 'Rai' dove
Bear Design
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Backpack 'Lincoln' old pink 17L
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Backpack 'Lincoln' taupe 17L
Backpack 'Lincoln' navy 17L
Backpack 'Lincoln' black 17L
Backpack 'Lincoln' old pink/silver 17LBackpack 'Lincoln' old pink/silver 17L
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Backpack 'Lincoln' old purple/beige 17LBackpack 'Lincoln' old purple/beige 17L
Backpack 'Lincoln' orange/beige 17LBackpack 'Lincoln' orange/beige 17L
Backpack 'Lincoln' black/beige 17LBackpack 'Lincoln' black/beige 17L

All Bear Design women's bags in one shop

Are you looking for a leather bag? Then you have come to the right place at BEARLifestyle.nl. We are the only (web) shop to offer the complete Bear collection, formerly Bear Design. Bear is a Dutch brand that offers leather bags, wallets and accessories. All products are produced in a sustainable way in India and are made of strong and good leather that will last for years.

One of the most popular models. From a handy shopper to a flexible pouch to a classic handbag, BEARLifestyle.nl has it all. Many of our handbags also have a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, so you can easily take the bag with you on the bike or hang it if you want to have your hands free.

Shoulder bags
Undoubtedly the favorite model of many women and we understand why. Thanks to the long, adjustable shoulder strap, you can easily throw the shoulder bag over your shoulder and have your hands free. Are you going for a sporty look? Then make the shoulder strap as short as possible and wear the leather bag crossbody, on the front or back of the body.

Distribute the weight over both shoulders with a backpack. The backpack, like other bags, can also be worn over one shoulder. Bear has even designed models where you can choose how you want to wear the bag: as a shoulder bag or backpack. Ideal if you are looking for a multifunctional bag.

Phone bags
The must-have of this time: the telephone bag. Take your smartphone with you safely in one of our handy phone bags. Often these bags also contain extra space for money, keys and other small items. Bears phone bags are suitable for almost every mobile phone and can be worn over one shoulder, crossbody or easily in your hand with the wrist strap.

Laptop bags
Do you want to transport your precious laptop safely, but in style? Bear's laptop bags are trendy, fashionable but also very sturdy. Specially designed to easily transport your laptop (accessories). From a classic briefcase to a cool laptop bag, you'll find it all here.

Waist bags
They can no longer be ignored from the current streetscape. Bum bags are ideal if you want to have your hands completely free, but still want to carry your belongings close to you. Fun at festivals but also very handy for holidays or just for daily use.

Ideal for a weekend away or for a trip. Our weekend bags are very spacious, but still compact enough to be easy to take with you. Carry the bag in one hand or throw it over one shoulder with the sturdy, detachable shoulder strap. Bears stylish weekend bags are an investment for years of enjoyment.

Purse bags
No more changing wallets or bags, but one model that you can use as both. The wallet bag is the ideal mix between a small shoulder bag and a wallet. Most can also be worn as a clutch due to the extra wrist strap. These bags have special compartments for cards. They are surprisingly spacious, but small enough to be easy to carry.

Wallet with it?
Of course, every bag comes with a matching wallet. From handy card holders to classic flap wallets to large zipper wallets, we have it all.

Bag strap included?
Do you want to upgrade your bag? Then choose one of our trendy, cotton shoulder straps that you can attach to almost any bag. You can also attach the Bear bag straps to your phone or camera and are fully adjustable to your ideal size.