Flatcap Tweed - Gray/black (D 30)

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Color: Schwarz/Grau
Size: Small (56)
Size chart rings

Method 1: Measure a well-fitting ring

1. Get a ruler and a well-fitting ring for the desired finger.
2. Measure the inside size (diameter) of the ring in millimeters.
3. The measured size in millimeters is your ring size.

Example: The inside size (diameter) of the ring is 16 millimeters, then you have ring size 16.

Method 2: Measure the circumference of your finger

1. Grab a strip of paper or string, a ruler and a pen.
2. Wrap the strip of paper or string tightly around your finger.
3. Make a line with a pen where the paper or string touches each other.
4. Measure the length to the pen line in millimeters with a ruler.
5. Use the table below to see which ring size corresponds to the circumference of your finger.

Example: The measured circumference of your ring finger is 50 millimeters. Then you have ring size 16.

Ring size chart_Josephina Jewelry

Are you stuck?

Download our printable ring size guide, click here .
Or use the 'Ring Sizer' app from the Apple App Store on your iPhone.

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Flatcap Tweed - Gray/black (D 30)

Flatcap Tweed - Gray/black (D 30)

Small (56)


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Van Welderenstraat 89
6511 ME Nijmegen


Unisex Flatcap made of wool and cotton; available in different sizes.

  • Lined on the inside

Size chart caps:

When choosing the right size, measure the circumference of your head; grab the forehead where your head is at its widest.
For example, if you have: 57 CM, take an M. For intermediate sizes, we always recommend one size larger!

Mate Circumference in CM
S 56 CM
M 58 CM
L 60 CM
XL 62 CM

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