Selection aid for men's bags

Nowadays, a bag is an indispensable accessory for men.
We have a first aid for men's bags especially for you

Shoulder bag / Messenger bag

The name 'messenger bag' says it all: traditionally, these bags were carried by postmen and deliverers. The shoulder bag comes in many different shapes and sizes. For years this type of bag has been worn for many purposes such as work, school, city trips and daily use. Thanks to the flap, the contents are safe when closed and clear and accessible when open.

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Waist bag / waist bags

Also known as the fanny pack, this bag has had a huge boost in popularity over the past few years.

Due to the handy size and wearing comfort, the bag is ideal if you don't want to take a backpack with you, but you have more stuff than you can fit in the pockets.

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Laptop Bag / Briefcase

A must-have for the stylish, working man: A beautiful leather laptop bag.

Gradually changed over the years from Briefcase to Laptop Bag, a good work bag fits a4, laptop, tablet, agenda, pens and who knows what else. You will have years of fun with a Bear Design laptop bag, are you still unsure about which one? Then check out our special laptop bag selection aid.

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Indispensable for every man, from high school to working life to the gym a backpack we've all needed.

For an unknowable number of situations, a backpack is the solution, leaving your hands free and the weight distributed over both shoulders. A backpack is an all-rounder that always comes in handy.

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