Selection aid for women's laptop bags

Would you like to take your laptop with you safely and in style? We are happy to help you find the perfect match between our bags and your laptop.

Choose your ideal model

Shoulder bag

If you want to go to work in style, a shoulder bag might be something for you. This bag looks elegant and yet very practical. Our bags have wide straps, so they don't cut into your shoulder. 

(+) Well-arranged because of a zipper over the entire width;
(+) You can access your belongings without having to take the bag off your shoulders;
(+) Hard to pickpocket;
(-) All weight is on one shoulder. 

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All shoulder bags


Would you like a fashionable and versatile bag? Then a handbag might be something for you. All our handbags have both handles and a shoulder strap, so you can carry the bag in different ways.

(+) Can be carried in different ways thanks to the handles and a shoulder strap;
(+) Can be hung on the bicycle handlebar;
(+) Can be used for both work and casual use;
(-) All weight is on one shoulder or arm;
(-) You don't have both hands free.

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Do you think it's important that your laptop bag is practical? Then a backpack might be something for you. Of all models, the backpack is best for your back and neck, because it distributes all the weight. All our bags are lightweight, so your laptop can be taken on the train without dragging and puffing.

(+) All weight is distributed on both shoulders;
(+) Can be used for both work and casual use;
(+) Easier to carry on the bike;
(+) Spacious due to the often greater depth of the bag;
(-) To get to your stuff, you have to take off the bag.

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Measure your laptop

Every laptop is different
Measure the entire laptop. This is important, because every laptop brand is different and so are the dimensions of every laptop. The inch size of a laptop refers to the size of the screen without bezel and is therefore not a good indicator when looking for the right laptop bag. To know whether your laptop fits in one of our bags, it is advisable to measure the entire laptop. Still curious about what inch size your laptop has? Then look here .

Compare the sizes
Each bag indicates how wide and high the laptop compartment is. Compare the sizes to see if your laptop fits in the bag. When in doubt, we always recommend taking a size larger. It is better for the laptop to be a little too loose in the laptop compartment than a tight one. You can also use a laptop sleeve for extra protection.