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Greeting card 'Dearest father, that's you'Greeting card 'Dearest father, that's you'
Card holder 'Pip' brown - HD 15254Card holder 'Pip' brown - HD 15254
Personalized key chainPersonalized key chain
Personalized key chain Sale price€14,95
Backpack 'Harper' dark blueBackpack 'Harper' dark blue
Sold out
Shoulder bag 'Davide' cognac - CP 2327Shoulder bag 'Davide' cognac - CP 2327
Kick Off Duffle S dark anthraciteKick Off Duffle S dark anthracite
Glasses case 'Frits' S black - CL 42380Glasses case 'Frits' S black - CL 42380
Billfold 'Lucas' cognacBillfold 'Lucas' cognac
Pouch 'Jessie' black - CL 14659Pouch 'Jessie' black - CL 14659
Glasses case 'Oscar' cognac - CL 42518Glasses case 'Oscar' cognac - CL 42518
Sold out
Pouch 'Nova' cognac - CL13130Pouch 'Nova' cognac - CL13130
Waterproof backpack 'Leander' 27L dark blueWaterproof backpack 'Leander' 27L dark blue
Save 25%
Slippers 'Teddy' beigeSlippers 'Teddy' beige
Bear Design
Slippers 'Teddy' beige
Sale price€44,99 Regular price€59,99
Billfold 'Klaas' brown - HD 7252Billfold 'Klaas' brown - HD 7252
Glasses case 'Weta' black - CP 2114Glasses case 'Weta' black - CP 2114
Save 30%
Phone bag 'Ahana' cognac - CP 2106Phone bag 'Ahana' cognac - CP 2106
Bear Design
Phone bag 'Ahana' cognac - CP 2106 Sale price€34,99 Regular price€49,99
Backpack 'Montgomery' navy 15LBackpack 'Montgomery' navy 15L
Sold out
Card holder 'Marco' taupeCard holder 'Marco' taupe
Billfold 'Max' black - FR 9665Billfold 'Max' black - FR 9665
Key pouch 'Timo' greenKey pouch 'Timo' green
Glasses case 'Weta' cognac - CP 2114Glasses case 'Weta' cognac - CP 2114
Phone bag 'Mart' olive greenPhone bag 'Mart' olive green
Sold out
Pouch 'Jessie' cognac - CL 14659Pouch 'Jessie' cognac - CL 14659
Save 30%
Slippers 'Beer' orangeSlippers 'Beer' orange
Bear Design
Slippers 'Beer' orange
Sale price€17,50 Regular price€25,00

BEARLifestyle.nl - Father's Day

Sunday June 16 is Father's Day! Surprise your father with a beautiful gift. In this collection we have collected the most beautiful gifts under €50 for you. This way you can find the perfect gift for your father at a glance.

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