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Shoulder bag 'Davide' cognac - CP 2327Shoulder bag 'Davide' cognac - CP 2327
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Shoulder bag 'Senna' cognac - CL 42240Shoulder bag 'Senna' cognac - CL 42240
Bag strap 'Micky' black/beige/blackBag strap 'Micky' black/beige/black
Glasses case 'Weta' cognac - CP 2114Glasses case 'Weta' cognac - CP 2114
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Glasses case 'Weta' taupe - CP 2114Glasses case 'Weta' taupe - CP 2114
Purse bag 'Umi' black - CP 1493Purse bag 'Umi' black - CP 1493
Shoulder bag 'Davide' black - CP 2327Shoulder bag 'Davide' black - CP 2327
Bag strap 'Puck' pinkBag strap 'Puck' pink
Bracket wallet 'Lily' cognacBracket wallet 'Lily' cognac
Shoulder bag 'Sofia' cognac - CL 32663Shoulder bag 'Sofia' cognac - CL 32663
Phone bag 'Elske' cognac - CL 41579Phone bag 'Elske' cognac - CL 41579
Card folder 'Vic' cognacCard folder 'Vic' cognac
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Bag strap 'Puck' dark blueBag strap 'Puck' dark blue
Shoulder bag 'Gigi' cognac - CL 41770Shoulder bag 'Gigi' cognac - CL 41770
Waist bag 'Stef' cognac - CP 2352Waist bag 'Stef' cognac - CP 2352
Purse bag 'Umi' black - CL 36799Purse bag 'Umi' black - CL 36799
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Purse bag 'Uma' lavender - CP 1119Purse bag 'Uma' lavender - CP 1119
Bear Design
Purse bag 'Uma' lavender - CP 1119 Sale price$67.00 Regular price$100.00
Glasses case 'Oscar' cognac - CL 42518Glasses case 'Oscar' cognac - CL 42518
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Bag strap 'Micky' brown/blackBag strap 'Micky' brown/black
Phone bag 'Priya' black - CP 2071Phone bag 'Priya' black - CP 2071
Save 27%
Purse bag 'Umi' navy - CL 36799Purse bag 'Umi' navy - CL 36799
Bear Design
Purse bag 'Umi' navy - CL 36799 Sale price$61.00 Regular price$83.00
Save 50%
Purse bag 'Uma' rusty - CL 30996Purse bag 'Uma' rusty - CL 30996
Bear Design
Purse bag 'Uma' rusty - CL 30996
Sale price$47.00 Regular price$94.00
Purse bag 'Uma' taupe - CP 1119Purse bag 'Uma' taupe - CP 1119
Wallet 'Jolie' cognac - CL 14618Wallet 'Jolie' cognac - CL 14618

BEARLifestyle.nl - Festival must-haves

Yes! The festival season has opened again. Make your outfit festival-proof with the festival bags, wallets and more from BEARLifestyle.nl

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