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Greeting card 'I wish you festive days'
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Slippers 'Teddy' beigeSlippers 'Teddy' beige
Bear Design
Slippers 'Teddy' beige
Sale price€44,99 Regular price€59,99
Wallet 'Lorraine' cognacWallet 'Lorraine' cognac
Backpack 'Mart' black 16LBackpack 'Mart' black 16L
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Phone bag 'Ahana' cognac - CP 2106Phone bag 'Ahana' cognac - CP 2106
Bear Design
Phone bag 'Ahana' cognac - CP 2106 Sale price€34,99 Regular price€49,99
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Toiletry bag 'Alice' SkyblueToiletry bag 'Alice' Skyblue
Toiletry bag 'Alice' Skyblue Sale price€31,50 Regular price€45,00
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Wrap wallet 'Sweety' cognac - CP 5066Wrap wallet 'Sweety' cognac - CP 5066
Glasses case 'Frits' S black - CL 42380Glasses case 'Frits' S black - CL 42380
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Shoulder bag 'Davide' taupe - CP 2327Shoulder bag 'Davide' taupe - CP 2327
Pouch 'Sjors' blue - CL 12510Pouch 'Sjors' blue - CL 12510
Card holder 'Evie' taupeCard holder 'Evie' taupe
Wrap wallet 'Nina' black - CL 16212Wrap wallet 'Nina' black - CL 16212
Gloves 'Carla' brownGloves 'Carla' brown
Wallet 'Jill' cognac - CL 16211Wallet 'Jill' cognac - CL 16211
Billfold 'Floris' brown - HD 2749Billfold 'Floris' brown - HD 2749
Wrap wallet 'Nina' green - CL 16212Wrap wallet 'Nina' green - CL 16212
Backpack 'Harper' cognacBackpack 'Harper' cognac
Kick Off Duffle M roséKick Off Duffle M rosé
Bracket wallet 'Lorraine' blackBracket wallet 'Lorraine' black
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Tablet sleeve 'Steve' cognac - CP 2081Tablet sleeve 'Steve' cognac - CP 2081
Bear Design
Tablet sleeve 'Steve' cognac - CP 2081 Sale price€31,50 Regular price€42,50
Wrap wallet 'Flappie' dark brown - CL 15572Wrap wallet 'Flappie' dark brown - CL 15572
Backpack 'Harper' pinkBackpack 'Harper' pink
Card holder 'Evie' greenCard holder 'Evie' green